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ULTepap™ is FDA cleared for the treatment of mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) for adults over 66 lbs.

To all healthcare professionals interested in ULTepap™;

The ULTepap™ EPAP therapy device has a number of uses in the clinical management of OSA.  These include:

  • Patients who are non-adherent to CPAP therapy
  • Patients who travel and would like a more portable solution that doesn’t require a power source
  • Patients diagnosed with mild to moderate OSA who would prefer to initiate a less cumbersome therapy than CPAP
  • Patients in a facility that doesn’t allow CPAP devices for fear of spreading COVID

The ULTepap™ employs soft, comfortable nasal pillows to gently seal primarily on the epidermis under the patient’s nares.  This is a design that has been in use in CPAP interfaces successfully for over thirty years, and does not require extended contact with the nasal mucosa.

The back pressure is created by a pair of cartridge valves that create pressures substantially similar to Provent, which has been validated in over a dozen peer-reviewed publications.